Data Analysis

Gather all data
you need

Data volumes are exploding, whether in traditional point-of-sale systems, e-commerce websites, new sources of customer feedback such as Twitter, or IoT sensors that broadcast data in real time using Apache Hadoop and Spark. By analyzing a varied data set from the beginning, you are able to make take prédictives decisions rather than reactive and disconnected.

Keep Your Most Valuable Resources: Big Data Data

Keep your organization’s data unlimited, regardless of volume. Instead of making cost tradeoffs when choosing what data to keep, keep your data to regulatory and business standards at an affordable price. This is now possible with Hadoop and Spark technologies in the cloud.

Provide news experiences
customized to your customers

Each person wants a different experience. Provide your customers with a personalized experience that changes based on their behavior and even offers product recommendations that include dynamic discounts for a personalized shopping experience. Give vendors a predictive list of items to buy based on order information and historical customer data.

Create a supply chain
more economical

Integrate Big Data data from the enterprise value chain and use advanced real-time analytics to optimize supply performance and save money. Take proactive steps with direct visibility into your supply chain. Access stock levels, predict product ordering requirements, and identify any problems with delays.

Increase efficiency in all your tasks

Uncover the information immersed in your data to optimize your activities. Whether in the context of human resources organization, supply chain management or forecasting of customer and staff needs, understanding the factors that affect operational efficiency is essential for streamlining your business.