Microsoft 365 Consulting

Office 365 what is it?

These are productivity and connectivity tools delivered via the cloud. All users can work together easily, wherever they have a total access to their e-mails, web conferences, documents and calendars.

Tools and features offered by Microsoft Office 365:

Exchange Online

Exchange is a mail server that save, synchronize and share your information (email, contact, calendar) from your smartphone or web interface.

Website Team

Office 365 offers you a Sharepoint site, which is a collaborative intranet website, allowing you to store and share your documents, from anywhere with your employees.

Office Web Apps

Office Web App is an equivalent of Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, …) but hosted on Microsoft servers. This service allows to edit Office documents directly from an internet browser.


Office 365 is a software platform hosted by Microsoft for deployment, customization or adoption, to manage your solution. In fact, our team will assist you to the installation and implementation of all Office 365 services.